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Aluminum Wedge of Aiud

UFO sightings and the possibility of Aliens date back to 1440 BC.  But if there is one mystery that stands out it is the "Aluminum Wedge of Aiud".  This wedge-shaped object was found in 1974, when 2 Mastodon bones were unearthed from the banks of the River Mures in Auid, Romania.  What is strange about this wedge is that it is approximately 11,000 years old but aluminum was only discovered by mankind in 1808.


February 19, 2023, Devara ThunderBeat author of Look Up, My Encounters with ETs & Angels.

Devara has had contact with extraterrestrials since the age of four and throughout the course of her life. She has met beings from Sirius, Andromeda and Arcturus. Devara’s mission is to tell us the truth about the benevolent ETs and the role they play in the process of awakening humanity.

The Star people have guided her with messages and innovative ways of healing and awakening with color, light and sound. She is on the UK Experiencer’s Compilation CD “Eklectika,” Gaia TV and the producer of Sedona Cosmic Awakening Conference.

She is an internationally, multi-award-winning, musician, composer, and author; A 22 DNA facilitator, a certified Reiki Master and a pioneer in sound healing. She is the #1 Hemi Sync musical artist and the author of four books. Hand Drumming: Rhythms from around the world, Awakening the Chakras, Ancient Egypt found in Sedona, AZ and LOOK UP My Encounters with ETs & Angels.    

Sunday, July 9, 2023-“Gobekli Tepe - an Enigma in Human History”

This is an ancient site in southeastern Turkey. Excavated in-depth since 1994 by German archaeologist Klaus Schmidt, it is a series of deliberately buried stone circles, forming a mysterious complex. Central sanding stones have an anthropomorphic façade, making archaeologists question if they are to be interpreted as artistic renderings of tall humans looking toward the sky. Some of the unique carvings on the standing stones at Gobekli reflect similar aspects found in other significant sites in Greece, Easter Island, and India.

These standing stone circles date back to 10,000 BC when it was thought human civilization was only a hunter-gatherer civilization; i.e., the “pre-pottery - pre-writing” stage of human development. The mere existence of the site and the carbon dating from materials found next to the stones makes us question our understanding of human history possibly pushing the dates for advanced human civilization much further back in time. Stein traveled to the site with well-known Boston University archaeologist Dr. Robert Schoch in 2012 along with other key researchers. Jennifer will provide an in-depth PowerPoint on what is known about the site and what she learned from traveling there.


The Global Center for Christ Consciousness, 100 Northview Road, Sedona, Az. Sedona MUFON will use this venue for future events. Doors open at 2:30; the program begins at 3:00 pm. Admission: $15.00 cash only at the door is appreciated.

Visit for additional details.

Questions: Jennifer W Stein 610-613-0088

Sunday, October 22-Robert Farrell, author-"The Science Behind the 'Mummies' of Nazca, Peru"

Something historic is happening in Nazca, Peru. In early 2017 several “unusual” bodies and parts of bodies were examined after being given to the Inkari Institute in Cusco, Peru in late 2016. The location of the find as well as the name of the discoverer have been kept secret to prevent graverobbing.

All of the bodies are hominid, still have all of their internal organs but have only three fingers and three toes as shown in the Gaia photo above. The bodies have all been preserved for perhaps thousands of years and have not had any internal organs removed. Some of the bodies which are only two feet tall, are believed to be reptilian and have a skeleton structure similar to a frog. Computer tomography of this species does not show any evidence of lungs or digestive tract. They died about 1,100 years ago. Their DNA does not match anything on record.

Maria, the larger species, except for being tridactyl, looks very human. She has been carbon-dated to have died about 1700 years ago. The genetic studies indicate that Maria has only about 25% human-like DNA. She seems to have ended in a violent death by predator animals.

Our new program location: The Global Center for Christ Consciousness, 100 Northview Road, Sedona, AZ, 86336, Office phone: 1-928-282-7181. Doors open at 2:30; the program begins at 3:00 p.m. Admission is $15.00 dollars at the door, cash preferred.

Questions: Jennifer W. Stein 610-613-0088

Sunday, November 5, 2023, 3:00 pm. Travis Walton will provide a Q&A after a screening of the documentary film Travis: The True Story of Travis Walton with filmmakers Jennifer W. Stein and Ron James.  The Travis Walton UFO incident is world-famous, and so is Travis Walton. November 5, 1975 is the 48th anniversary of Travis' terrifying ordeal.

As a 19-year-old American forestry worker, he encountered a UFO craft with his fellow logging crew members on November 5, 1975, while he was working in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest near Snowflake, Arizona.  During this encounter, Walton was missing for five days and six hours. After five days of searching with scent dogs and helicopters, Waltons coworkers underwent polygraph examinations to determine if they were involved with Travis’s murder and cover-up when no trace of Walton could be found. 

After Walton reappeared by the side of a road near Heber, Arizona, Walton’s case received mainstream publicity and remains one of the best-known UFO encounters and alien abduction stories.  Naturally, his experience has been the subject of major debunking efforts by famous UFO debunkers like Philip J. Klass for decades. In 1978, Walton wrote a book about his experience titled The Walton Experience, which was adapted into the 1993 Paramount film “Fire in the Sky. 

He later re-issued his book under this same name. Travis has appeared in multiple television specials recounting this case. Paranormal Witness produced an excellent episode about Travis and his fellow loggers’ experiences in 2011, as have the Travel Channel and SyFy Networks. He has been a guest on every major radio program including most recently The Joe Rogan Experience.  Travis has earned the respect of seasoned UFO investigators like Stanton Friedman, Leo Sprinkle, Richard Dolan, Kathleen Marden, and Lee Spiegel, all of whom are featured in the award-winning documentary called “Travis - The True Story of Travis Walton.”

TRAVIS combines new and archived interviews with the logging crew, police, the polygraph examiner, and UFO experts explaining why this story continues to astound investigators, researchers, astrophysicists, journalists, and filmmakers in their quest for reliable evidence of other worlds, other beings, and other more advanced technologies.  The film is fast-paced and jammed with facts and details about this case.

Pay close attention to the second half of the film which provides a serious rare, and important explanation of how deliberate debunking, including lies, extortion, and bribery attempted to crush this story and ruin the lives of the crew and their families. You can view the trailer at  Filmmakers and Sedona MUFON director Jennifer W. Stein will be for Q and A following the film.

Our new program location: The Global Center for Christ Consciousness, 100 Northview Road, Sedona, AZ, 86336, Office phone: 1-928-282-7181. Doors open at 2:30; the program begins at 3:00 pm. Admission is $15.00 dollars at the door, cash preferred.

Questions: Jennifer W Stein 610-613-0088


Sunday, December 17, 2023, 3:00 pm. Marianne Robb and David Rich “UFOs and Police- the Nuances of Investigating UAP"

Former police officers Marianne Robb and Dave Rich present the nuances of investigating UAP as law enforcement professionals, including the hurdles that have kept UAP investigations from occurring. Covering fascinating historical cases where police chased mysterious aerial objects across multiple counties, they will reveal well-documented encounters. UFOs aren’t the only phenomena police officers run across.

If requested, they can also include some of the other mysterious paranormal phenomena police have documented. “There are approximately 800,000 law enforcement officers in the United States. They work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They are seeing things, and not talking. We’re going to tell you why and share with you some of their best UFO cases.” Dave Rich is a 25-year veteran police officer.

Dave started in patrol, then worked in the investigation unit as a gang detective, homicide and sex crimes detective, and narcotics detective. Dave currently works in the school resource officer unit. Dave joined the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) and worked as a field investigator. He is also an instructor for MUFON in Advanced Interview Techniques and Evidence Collection. Marianne Robb is a retired Police Officer and former Field Investigator with the Arizona chapter of MUFON. In her 34-year career in the police force, she has gained experience as a detective in arson, property crimes, and narcotics, and as a crime prevention consultant.

Marianne joined MUFON in 2017 and became a field investigator a year later. She is now also an instructor at the annual MUFON Field Investigator Book Camp in Arizona. Marianne teaches MUFON field investigators how to apply methods she learned in law enforcement to their UFO investigations. Marianne hadn’t given UFOs much thought until her husband began going to MUFON meetings and introducing her to UFO researchers.

What she learned from them inspired her to commit to helping find the truth behind the mysterious UFO phenomenon. She believes that the government and others researching this phenomenon are all looking for the same thing – the truth. She hopes one day all these groups will work together in this shared interest.

Our new program location: The Global Center for Christ Consciousness, 100 Northview Road, Sedona, AZ, 86336, Office phone: 1-928-282-7181. Doors open at 2:30; the program begins at 3:00 p.m. Admission is 15.00 at the door, cash preferred.

Questions: Jennifer W Stein 610-613-0088


Sunday, January 14, 2024, 3:00 pm. Filmmaker Paul Davids will present his film Marilyn Monroe Declassified.  Declassified FBI and CIA documents help director Paul Davids unravel the puzzle of Marilyn Monroe's demise, which was officially ruled a "probable suicide," while providing detailed evidence supporting the conclusion that Marilyn was murdered.

Yes, there was UFO involvement in Marilyn's life. As proven by a CIA memo, her affair with President Kennedy resulted in her being privy to highly classified UFO information about the 1947 Roswell UFO crash, and that knowledge was dangerous. 

Marilyn Monroe Declassified puts together a powerful case that Marilyn was murdered by those who wanted to silence her. The film is unflinching in its evidence for showing what was behind her death, how it was done and why, and why the truth has been covered up for so many decades. In 96 minutes, the documentary balances the public image of the blonde bombshell icon with information about her revealed in declassified FBI and CIA files. Here is the proof that her troubles were not all the product of her upbringing in an orphanage, abuse of prescription drugs, or failed marriages. Beginning with her wedding to communist-leaning playwright Arthur Miller, she was tailed, targeted, and tormented by the FBI, CIA, and Mafia - and ultimately, through affairs with powerful men, she was unwittingly caught in the middle of a vendetta of lethal forces. Dead at age 36, just months after singing "Happy Birthday, Mr. President" at JFK's extravagant party, she was officially listed as a "probable suicide."

Sedona resident Davids is an American independent filmmaker, writer, and artist. He has also written episodes for the television series Transformers as well as a spin-off of the Star Wars series with his wife, Hollace Davids, informally known as the Jedi Prince series. Davids was executive producer for Showtime's "Roswell: The UFO Coverup starring Kyle MacLachlan, Dwight Yoakam, and Martin Sheen, and Ron James's Accidental Truth - UFO Revelations, plus The Life After Death Project 1, 2 and 3Starry Night and Timothy Leary's Dead that screened at the Mary Fisher Theatre in recent months.

He and co-producer Hollis Davids join filmmaker Jennifer Stein in a Q&A session after the screening. Attendees can then join them for a light dinner at a local restaurant for an in-depth visit with them and other guests.

The Global Center for Christ Consciousness, 100 Northview Road, Sedona, AZ 86336.  Doors open at 2:30; the program begins at 3:00 pm. Admission: $15.00 cash only at the door is appreciated. This program is open to the public. Events are monthly, October-June on Sunday afternoons at 3 p.m. For monthly programs, please visit

MUFON is currently the largest and oldest non-profit, civilian-run UFO organization in the world. It publishes a monthly journal, holds an annual symposium, and currently has more than 800 trained field investigators and 3500 members throughout the globe.




Sunday, February 11, 2024, Bert Janssen- "Crop Circles Beyond Space and Time"

Since the late 1970s, the South of England in particular has been inundated with crop circles every year.
In 1994 Bert Janssen became involved in this mysterious phenomenon.
He is deeply affected, makes three documentaries about the subject, writes several books and dozens of articles for various papers and magazines.
During this time he goes through the classic phases of wondering (lacking knowledge), investigating (gathering knowledge), teaching (sharing the knowledge gained) and finally resigning himself to an inner knowing of what it is.
But what is it?
A natural miracle or an impressive hoax? Or both?
Now, after 30 years of ‘circle chasing’, Bert Janssen will take you into every nook and cranny of this elusive phenomenon.
An intensely compelling and often baffling story
About synchronicities, extraordinary encounters and other miraculous things
About ley lines, ley circles and remarkable shapes in the landscape
About Stonehenge, Avebury and Silbury Hill
About time, space and acausality
About Carl Gustav Jung and his mandalas
About geometry and the human mind
About subliminal messages and unconscious decisions
In short, a story that will reverberate for days, if not weeks, to come.
Bio Bert Janssen
Besides being an agricultural engineer, Dutch native Bert Janssen is an award-winning author, adventurer and flamboyant storyteller, with 4 documentaries, 5 books and numerous articles for magazines to his credit. Long ago, he entered the mysterious world of quantum physics, Gothic cathedrals, crop circles, Inca shamanism, Carl Gustav Jung, ancient power places, etc.
In a dazzling and scintillating performance - filled with laughter, tears, drama and thundering dynamite – he will report about amazing encounters and events and will share razor-sharp to-the-point analyses.
Bert Janssen will turn you inside out and upside down, but once the whirlwind has died down and the dust has settled, you will not only feel renewed and inspired, you will be it.


Sunday, March 24, 2024, 3:00 pm. Desiree and JJ Hurtak and Alan Steinfeld- An Update on Extraterrestrial and Ultra-terrestrial Realities, “Beam me up, Scotty!” Star Trek’s Captain Kirk’s teleportation depiction is not that far off from how those who have had extraterrestrial contact describe their experience of being taken onboard an alien spacecraft. Drs. Hurtak will seek to define the “Cosmic Who’s Who” and answer the challenging questions regarding both multidimensional ultra-terrestrial life forms, as well as the local extraterrestrials who appear to be visiting our planet.  This talk will also explore the various types of intelligence that exist in the universe, as well as seek to define our own origin and role amongst the specter of many life forms.  J.J. Hurtak, Ph.D., Ph.D. and Desiree Hurtak, Ph.D. are social scientists, futurists, archeologists, authors, and founders of The Academy for Future Science, an international organization. Their public presentations on the UFO phenomena go back to 1977, when Dr. J.J. Hurtak was a presenter at the First World Congress on UFOs in Acapulco, Mexico, along with J. Allen Hynek. They, together, were science consultants for Sidney Sheldon’s bestseller of an alien encounter entitled The Doomsday Conspiracy with Astronaut Gordon Cooper. Dr. J.J. Hurtak is best known for his book The Keys of Enoch® translated into over 25 languages. They currently appear in the Netflix TV series entitled Top Secret UFO Projects: Declassified. They are also part of Alan Steinfeld’s new book entitled Making Contact. Their scientific papers include Examining the Existence of the Multiverse (2015), and their book Mind Dynamics in Space and Time, both co-authored with theoretical physicist Elizabeth Rauscher, Ph.D. Together they are recognized for their provocative work that affirms a science of consciousness within a multidimensional cosmology and humanity’s destiny in space.  FMI:

Sunday, April 14, 2024, 3:00 PM Suzanne Ross-"INTERDIMENSIONAL ADVENTURES"

Suzanne's father had a missing time experience in 1954 and was implanted with a chip he called his "alien chip". This abduction experience led to his involvement in Project Paperclip at Wright Patterson Airforce Base. Growing up, her father was always pointing to the sky and talking about alien life throughout the cosmos. Suzanne herself has had a missing time experience which expanded her psychic abilities and allowed her to travel interdimensionally. Suzanne will share her Interdimensional Adventures!

Suzanne is the founder of the popular Sedona Ascension Retreats, celebrating its 9th year. 


Sunday, May 26, 2024 at 3:00 p.m. MST-Robert Farrell - The Science Behind Noah's Flood

Have you ever wondered if the story of Noah in the Bible is true? The evidence is overwhelming that it is true. In Dr. Farrell’s PowerPoint presentation, he discusses Sir Leonard Wooley’s discovery that removed any doubt that there was a major Deluge as described in the Old Testament. Ancient stories such as the Sumerian Epic of Gilgamesh and Atra-hasis, the Babylonian epic that predate the Old Testament, will be discussed. The late Zecharia Sitchin’s melting glacier theory will be discussed and extrapolated arguing that the deluge event recorded by the Babylonians and Sumerians occurred in Mesopotamia about 14,500 years ago and was a result of the Post Glacial Sea Rise. The recent discovery of the world’s oldest monolithic ruins, Gobekli Tepe, in southern Turkey, ties this theory to the story of Noah and his ancestor, Abraham.

Dr. Robert E. Farrell received his Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering from The Ohio State University, his MBA from Western New England College, and his Doctor of Engineering from the University of Massachusetts.  He is now retired from Penn State University as Associate Professor Emeritus. 

Over twenty-five years ago, he began doing serious research for his science fiction series of novels; Alien Log, Alien Log II: The New World Order, Alien Log III: The Dulce Affair, and Alien Log IV: The Antarctica Affair.

His research has led him to believe that beyond Earth there is life which is not only technically but also spiritually more advanced than humans. For thousands of years, people have seen highly sophisticated craft capable of high g maneuvers and accelerations beyond 100 g’s. Dr. Farrell has concluded this is only possible if gravitational field propulsion is used. This led him to develop his lecture and book entitledThe Science Behind Alien Encounters as a way to enlighten laypeople about ufology.

Sunday, June 23, 2024- Melinda Leslie, “Disclosing My Personal ET Abduction Story”

Melinda Leslie will “disclose” her contact story. She feels strongly that we can’t have an official UFO disclosure if we’re not willing to tell our own stories. And that disclosure starts with each of us individually being willing to stand up and share our own truth. She hopes that by her doing so, she’ll inspire other abductees and contactees to do the same.
In this era of government UFO disclosure, it is important that abductees' voices are heard amongst the cacophony and that the abduction phenomenon is part of any Disclosure discussion. In order to ensure this, Melinda encourages everyone with ET experiences to come forward and be heard so that all forms of contact are included for an accurate and eventual disclosure of the complete truth.
While many of you may be familiar with Melinda and her UFO Sighting Tours, you may not be familiar with her lifetime of personal UFO and ET encounter experiences and how her years of involvement in the field all started. Melinda says she gets asked constantly about her own experiences, but since the story is pretty detailed, there often isn't time for her to go very deep. But, in this presentation, with ample time, she will.
She is a UFO abductee and has been public with both her own extraterrestrial and covert-ops human abduction experiences for 34 years. She is considered by many to be the authority on a military and intelligence agency involvement in UFO/extraterrestrial abduction cases. Her extensive abduction research and personal experiences have been featured in over 30 books by prominent authors in ufology.
Melinda is an investigator in the UFO field with 35 years of experience and has researched individuals involved in its "cover-up" for 30 years. For 13 years, she has been the owner of UFO Sighting Tours in Sedona, Arizona, where she has conducted over 1,820 tours with the use of military night vision goggles. Melinda Leslie will give us an update on the absolute latest significant developments in the current UFO Disclosure process where she'll "reverse-engineer" the timeline of just how we came to this very moment. If you think you've been following it all...think again!